Sold in Oroville this week

You know, many of my friends and past clients have no plans to move in the near future. Still, some wonder what their homes would sell for in today’s market. It’s like owning any kind of investment. You don’t necessarily want to part with it, but you still want to know what it’s worth!

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It’s Deja Vu All Over Again!!

Welcome to Deja Vu all over again for the national real estate market!!

Do you think that this industry will ever learn why the real estate market fell nearly into oblivion over the past 6 years? I don’t.  Here is the web page from CNBC that discusses the new lower down payment for first time home buyers  program aimed at “helping” first time home buyers to get a loan with nearly nothing down.  As a 20 year veteran of the Lake Oroville real estate market I am disappointed to see that the government thinks that the best medicine for the long term stability of the housing market is LOWER  down payments. What is even more disappointing will be when the lenders start showing up in real estate offices across this country touting these new programs as “great deals for buyers.”  And just think how many more homes all you agents will sell with this new program!

Will there never be an end to the perception that buyer’s are so irresponsible and undisciplined that they are inept about saving money for a down payment. ( And by the way, if you are not disciplined or responsible enough to take the time to save up a down payment, you may not be ready for home ownership).  The trend here should be that there be a gradual INCREASE  in down payment requirements not a decrease.  This will make the market much more stable when the next down turn occurs and  will keep the bottom from completely falling out again.

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Home Ownership

Are You Ready …… to Buy a Home?

You’ve done the math. With the down payment you’ve saved, you can safely buy a home for less money than you could ever have as a renter.

Yet, you seem unable to make a commitment. Are you sure you’re really ready to buy a home?

If you find yourself saying any of the following to family, friends, or your real estate agent, you’re not ready.

“I’ll know when I see the right place.”

“I want to see what I can find on my own.”

“I’ll only buy if I can get a fantastic deal.”

“I’m waiting for interest rates to go down.”

With houses for sale all over the place, you can easily find the right place, especially with your real estate agent screening houses for you. Prices are still lower than they were at the peak. Interest rates are still low. So what are you waiting for — prices to rise more than they already have, for interest rates to go up? You get the idea.

Owning a home is a big responsibility, and the market has been volatile for years. If you’re scared, that’s understandable. So, maybe you need to examine your tolerance for risk.

Like the stock market or any other money investment, there is no sure thing, but there is plenty of evidence that returns are built over time. You’ll eventually get your money back, or you might even make money on your home, if you:

1. Are realistic. A home should meet your needs for shelter and your family’s activities. Don’t expect your home to make you rich.

2. Buy within your means. It’s no fun dreading your monthly mortgage payment.

3. Occupy your home long enough. It takes approximately four years just to get your closing costs back in equity.



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As a Realtor,  I may know how to sell the heck out of a house.  But there’s a new generation of Americans getting ready to buy homes: your are sometimes called the “millennials“.

You are the first generation that came of age in the new millennium, so you are more connected and tech savvy than any group before you.

So I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to tap into this new group of up-and-coming homebuyers?  After doing some research I found out that in order to do this I have to get Online!

While I have a website to expand my web presence and I also have my Facebook I guess its time to set up this “Instagram” thing and maybe even “Twitter“.   I’ll keep you all “posted” on how this turns out.

See you soon!

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